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What Is Motley Fool Wealth Management’s Policy If The Owner Of A Personal Portfolio Passes Away or Becomes Incapacitated?

Death, disability or incapacity (“Significant Life Event”) will not automatically terminate or change the terms of our agreement with clients. However, following any of these unfortunate circumstances, a client’s executor, guardian, attorney-in-fact, or other authorized representative may terminate the investment advisory agreement by giving written notice to us. Also, to allow us to continuously manage your account(s) if there is a Significant Life Event, our clients authorize us to contact a certain trusted person (e.g., a spouse, member of the family, or a friend) appointed by them during the Interactive Brokers (“IB”) account application or account update process.

As you would expect, the details of what happens following an unfortunate Significant Life Event are too numerous to include in this FAQ. If you are concerned about this, or you are a relative or representative of a client that has passed away, please call us at 844-408-4390 to discuss the specific situation with a member of our team.